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2016-07-25 01:52 pm

Pining for the Fjords

We just returned from a trip to Norway. These pics were all taken with phones, so the focus isn't perfect. I took the first two and Maritus took the last one.

1. Overlooking Aurlandsfjorden from a hill above the harbor at Flåm )
2. Storfjorden, near Barstadvika (I think) )
3. Leaving Geirangerfjorden )
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2016-07-25 02:09 pm


The center of the town of Ålesund was completely rebuilt after a catastrophic fire in 1904, in Art Nouveau style. (Catastrophic fires are a running theme in the history of Norwegian cities.) One street is named after Kaiser Wilhelm (!), a major benefactor of the town after the fire. We had only a short time there because we had a ferry to catch.

A few architectural details. )
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2016-07-25 02:40 pm


A few pictures from Gudbrandstalen, the valley where much of Sigrid
Undset's novel Kristin Lavransdatter is set.
Taken from the train. )
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2016-07-25 02:49 pm

Norway Pics

 That's it for the pics. I hope it's not all too spammy, I can never quite anticipate how large the individual photos are going to be on the screen.