Jul. 2nd, 2017

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First, thank you! I'm looking forward to this, and I hope you'll have fun writing.

As for what I like and don't like, mostly the answer is "it depends." There are very few things I would say a flat-out no to: graphic torture; prolonged graphic violence; incest; rape. But even these, if necessary for the story, character, or setting, might be okay. What I really don't like to see is deliberate cruelty normalized or justified.

My attitude about explicit sex also depends on context. In general, I prefer sex not to be the raison d'être of a story.

For this exchange, I prefer no AUs or crossovers.

Things I especially like:
  • backstory, for both characters and setting
  • underdogs
  • minor characters coming to the fore
  • outsider perspectives
  • characters being in character
  • a setting that feels rich and real
  • unexpected or incongruous friendships
  • romance that goes against gender and/or sex stereotypes
  • actually, anything that goes against gender and/or sex stereotypes
  • people working through difficult problems together
  • slice of life stories
  • endings with a sense of forward motion
  • things I wouldn't think of writing about myself (like what? I don't know!)
Most of all, I hope you write a story that you like and feel excited about.

As for me, I'm a middle-aged woman who likes to read children's fiction; I'm a scientist who likes to read about magic; I'm a physically inactive person who likes to read about adventures and derring-do. My interests are broad and a polite description of my education would be "eclectic."

Notes on specific prompts:

Laela: Anything about this character would be great: backstory, future fic, missing scene, etc. I'm curious about her relationship with Kamet; why he trusts her implicitly and why she betrays that trust in order to push him toward his freedom (as long as the answer is not "she's in love with him"). Given what we know of the character's history, this could get dark. Canon-typical violence is okay, but I prefer nothing graphic or extended.

Ina & Eurydice & Sophos: I'm thinking more of their childhood relationship here, but it could also be something later on, when they're all adults. Either fanart or fanfic would be great. If you feel like doing something light-hearted and cute, this would be the prompt to go with.

Aris: What has Aris been doing while the events of Conspiracy of Kings and Thick As Thieves are going on? In Thick As Thieves, Costis uses Aris's name as an alias; is there a story behind that? What does Aris think of Costis and this Kamet fellow? Be as shippy as you like, or make it gen. Prefer no explicit sex.


Jul. 2nd, 2017 02:33 pm
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Filia and Maritus gaze awe-struck at the majestic beauty of the Olympic


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